Since 2009, I have exhibited my images. These exhibitions are at your disposal if you wish to use them as educational support or quite simply if you wish to disseminate these images during various events.


Y vera, « bright water »

The Iberá Wetlands  (Argentina)

The Iberá Wetlands (Spanish: Esteros del Iberá, from Guaraní ý berá: "bright water") are a mix of swamps, bogs, stagnant lakes, lagoons, natural slough and courses of water in the center and center-north of the province of Corrientes, Argentina.

Iberá is one of the most important fresh water reservoirs in the continent and the second-largest wetland in the world after Pantanal in Brazil. It is of pluvial origin, with a total area of 15 000–20 000 km2

Thanks to its geographical location and difficult access, the area has a rich and varied animal population. Native wildlife includes many endangered species for which it is one of the last remaining habitats. Among them are the marsh deer, pampas deer, capybara, black caiman, as well as a huge variety of birds.

The exuberant local flora includes many aquatic species that create real floating islands.

Technical informations :

Number of prints : 20 photos

Format with frame : 50 x 40 cm. 

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Spiders, these unloved ones

Hairy, clever, multiple eyes, a vicious look, eight large hairy legs, the spiders are ready to pounce on you. Hidden in the corner of a ceiling or under the leaves of a tree, they wait for your passage to drop on you and attack and bite you: this is the irrational judgment of the majority of people when they talk about the spider. And yet, it is indeed an unjustified fear…

Technical informations :

Number of prints : 15 photos

Format with frame : 50 x 40 cm. 

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Eurasian Coot : know and unknow bird

Everyone has already seen this nice bird on a pond or a river, both in town and in the countryside ... and yet few people know it.

I suggest you follow me in the footsteps of this bird with a strong character throughout the different seasons.

Technical informations :

Number of prints : 18 photos

Format with frame : 50 x 40 cm.

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The extreme South

Discovering South Georgia, an island in the United Kingdom located in the southern Atlantic Ocean, in the overseas territory of South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands, and the Peninsula Antarctica, the most northerly region of the Antarctic continent and, almost, the only part extending beyond the polar circle.

Informations techniques :

Number of prints : 22 photos + 1 panorama

Format with frame : 50x70 cm sur dibond

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