Rouge-gorge familier - Francoise CouneAs Yann Arthus Bertrand puts it so well: "In photography, it is not the photographer who is important"

I hope through my photos to succeed in making you discover the beauty of Nature and make you understand that it is there for us and that it is essential to respect it.



Spot-breasted Lapwing

The Spot-breasted Lapwing (Vanellus melanocephalus) is a species of bird in the family Charadriidae. It is endemic to the Ethiopian highlands.

Pairs or small flocks are locally frequent to common in highland grasslands and moorland, often in damper areas or near pools, at 2400-3800m

Spot-breasted Lapwing (Vanellus melanocephalus)
Bale Mountain (Ethiopia)
November 08, 2019